Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekends Are Good For

Eating:  The Pioneer Woman's restaurant style salsa, over cream cheese.  My favorite way to eat salsa, and my new favorite salsa.  I've made three batches now, all 3 of them more delicious than the last, and it makes a ton so it lasts me forever.  I'll never go back to jarred salsa again.

cream cheese & salsa

Building:  Marc built me a new bed for my birthday.  (He's awesome at building things - remember the sandbox?  And the picnic table?)  I am not a matchy furniture bedroom set (or any furniture set for that matter) kind of girl - my style is more mish-mash handmade / thrift store refinished with a little bit of modern.  Plus a bed built by by husband with his own two hands with a quilt on top of it handmade by me - um, yes please -- LOVE!

The bed isn't painted / stained / finished yet - I had him move it into the bedroom already so I can live with it for a few days and figure out how I want it done.

marc built me a new bed

More Eating:  Grahm puts ev.ery.thing. into his mouth.  I've kind of had to adopt "ehh, well if it won't KILL him" kind of mentality otherwise I would be scraping things out of his mouth constantly.  This blanket tasted pretty good to him for quite awhile on Sunday morning.

Saturday nights

Spending Time on the Porch:  watering my planter boxes and talking with my neighbor about her new baby and admiring our awesome view of the mountains.

porch flowers    view
porch flag    porch flowers

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  1. Do you ever sleep? You do it all!! You amaze me!
    We only eat salsa (home made of course) over cream cheese too!! :)



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