Saturday, July 17, 2010

Saturday Night Thoughts

Playing along with a little meme from one of my favorite blogs, luvinthemommyhood.


(Picture of Grahm on the swings by the lake the other night.  He's only upset because I stopped him from swinging so I could attempt to get a picture -- he loved it.)

Making: -
Cooking: nothing currently
Drinking: water
Reading: Harry Potter
Wanting: someone to come organize my pantry
Looking: at my RSS reader
Playing: hooked on Angry Birds on my phone (I know, so late to the party!)
Wasting: time doing this post
Sewing: a zippy bag for me
Wishing: someone would come organize my pantry (oh, did I say that already?!)
Enjoying: the cooler temps after the 100s today
Waiting: -
Liking: that the Angels just won
Wondering: when Community comes out on DVD
Loving: that my boys are good sleepers (usually, see next)
Hoping: that Grahms tooth pops through soon so he can go back to being a good sleeper
Marveling: that Grahm is almost a year old
Needing: to do some laundry
Smelling: dinner leftovers still on the table
Wearing: shorts and a tank top - it's hot!
Following: Twitter
Noticing: that my contacts are starting to bug
Knowing: I'm going to have some Boston Creme pie in a minute
Thinking: go away hiccups
Bookmarking: this tutorial for a homemade bubble blower, Mason would love it
Opening: -
Giggling: STILL giggling over Missing Missy
Feeling: tired

What are you doing this Saturday night?  Probably lots more exciting than mine.  :]


  1. Thanks for joining in and for being part of the mommyhood :)

  2. This is cute, I love lists=) Organizing my pantry this weekend, too. And planning on reading Harry Potter this year - is it good? And LOVE Community=)

  3. Fun post!
    So funny - I tore the bubble blower thing instructions out of a magazine to make with the girls. Have not done it yet.
    Maybe we could make some all together this Friday as a playdate?!


  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE yours! Beautiful pictures! Your family is precious! I'm gonna make a list like this soon. Fun! (I just downloaded Angry Birds too. I know, last to jump on the trend. ;-)



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