Thursday, July 8, 2010

Pillow Talk Swap 3


I've been lucky enough to participate in all three rounds of the Pillow Talk Swap on Flickr and have received great pillows so far, but I have to say this round I am in LOVE with the pillow I received!  And the best part is that it's ALL mine.  The pillows from Ryan from round 1 are our daily couch pillows in the family room (and they take a beating - getting used every single day!) and my pillow from Allison from round 2 for Mason's room still has to be on his bed daily, and cuddled into bed with him nightly!  :]

But first let me show you the pillow that I made for my partner, Colette from Year of Handmade.  I love Colette's blog and was excited to get her for my partner!  She had first said that she loved the Munki fabric Farmer's Market .... with greens, aquas and oranges along with it.  I secured some of the Munki fabric (which is hard to come by!) and got started on her pillow.  Then she did a post saying how she loved hexagaons, and how her Denyse Schmidt hexagons were sorely lacking - so I cut a bunch of squares from my Katie Jump Rope stash and thought I would do her a DS/KJR hexie pillow ... ahhhh!  I couldn't decide!

pillow for my partner - PTS3 finished

In the end you can see I did do the Farmer's Market ... she had just painted her sewing loft based on this fabric - how could I NOT make the pillow out of it?!  I ended up sending her the KJR squares as a little bonus so she can make some hexies if she wants to out of them!  :]

back detail

It was my first time doing piping on a pillow and it was a little easier than I thought it would be - although I definitely learned how to make it even better next time.  I didn't like that my sewing lines showed even after the piping was on the pillow.

And now for MY pillow!  This swap is run as a blind swap - which means you know who you are making a pillow for (obviously!) but you don't know who is making you yours.  That makes it really fun to stalk and watch the group's pool for pictures of pillows that you think could be yours.  This round I gave my partner a good amount of freedom in making my pillow (you do get to send your partner a list of likes/dislikes/wishes/etc) pretty much saying I liked geometric shapes and my favorite line right now was Hope Valley.

One of the people in the group posted this rough draft/design of the pillow they were making and I immediately loved it- it was geometric AND used Hope Valley!  But it was at the very beginning of the swap round so I didn't get my hopes up.

pillow swap design

Then a little later she posted a bunch of different fabric combinations, asking her partner to vote on which one they liked best.  I still didn't think that I was her partner - but I still voted like she had asked ;] saying that this was my favorite of the combinations:

Or this one...

Then one day I open up the mail box to see a package with a return address I didn't recognize on it .... I whipped it open and saw this lovely gift inside for me:

good mail.

I could see the white with the little squares peeking through the tissue paper and thought "woo hoo!!!" and sure enough, this beauty was inside for me:

my pillow! (received)

Sandi (my partner) posted this picture of the pillow - I still need to get a good picture of it in it's new home -- my chair next to my bed.  I LOVE it and I'm not sharing it with anyone!  It's beautifully made - her binding is perfect and I love the straight line quilting.  It's SOOOO pretty!

Pillow Talk Swap - Sent!

Thanks again, Sandi, SOO much - you know I love the pillow and the extra little squares and ladybugs you sent too.  :]  And as usual, Heather and Kerri for running such an awesome swap.

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  1. That Farmers Market fabric makes me want to sew my little heart out. Lovely job!!



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