Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lemon + Lime theme party free downloads

I've had a few people ask me how I made the different paper products I used for the lemon + lime theme bridal shower I threw for my cousin Kelsi. I've been emailing them separately but finally just decided to offer them as a free download here in case anyone else wants to use them.  All I ask is that you leave me a comment if you download them so I can see if this is a good idea and something I might do more of in the future!

I have three different links for the three different items (click on the image or the link in the descriptions to download each item you want).

The invitation: It's a 5x7" blank invitation with just the yellow patterned background and skinny yellow border. I printed mine out on cardstock on my home printer, and used green envelopes we got at Target. You can see how I filled out my invitations by looking back at my original post about the party. This is a .psd file so you can work with layers in Photoshop.

The water bottle labels: When I made mine I added the "congratulations" text first, then opened a new 8.5x11" document in Photoshop and copy/pasted the label as many times as could fit down the page (I think 5 times). Then I printed them out on regular copy paper and adhered them to the water bottles with clear packing tape. This is also a .psd file for Photoshop, I left the "congratulations" text (Quicksand font) in there in a layer - you can edit as necessary.

The lemon sugar scrub sticker labels: I printed these out on sticker paper and hand cut them out. They are about 2 inches across so if you had a round scrapbooking punch it would make cutting them out much easier. :] They fit perfectly on top of the little jam jars we bought to put our sugar scrub in. This is a .jpg file with 12 labels per 8.5x11" page.

A few more details:

Fonts used: BP Script and Quicksand (both free fonts)

Colors used: yellow #f0ba12 green #3c7433

Let me know if there's any questions - and again, I would love a comment if you download, link somewhere, or use for your party!


  1. Love your invitations. I'm trying to create baby shower invitations on photoshop elements and am grateful for the inspiration. Beautiful party!

  2. Saw your party on catch my party. Love the invitations! I'm trying to create baby shower invitations in photoshop elements - thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thanks! Going to try and use these!

  4. I used your lemon scrub label. Thank you!

  5. Absolutely using the invitation! Beautiful!

  6. Definitely using the invitation for a lemon themed ladies luncheon! Thank you!



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