Monday, June 21, 2010

Weekends Are Good For

Shavy Jones shaved ice: our favorite hang out in the neighborhood.  A bonus that one of my friends owns it so we like to support them.

deciding on what flavorthe Shavy octo man
garbage runroot beer shavy

Building Stuff: Marc built this picnic table for us since our last one, a glass topped one, shattered over the winter.  He used plans from the awesome website Knock Off Wood.  It is sanded and the edges are routed, but it still needs to be finished (painted/stained/water-sealed).  Be careful when you visit that website, she's got tons of awesome plans for cool furniture.  I've got my eye on the Farmhouse bed for Marc to make next.  Like he needs something else to do in his "spare time".  :]

new picnic table

Water Balloons:  self explanatory.

water balloons

Riding the train at the zoo:  more to come about this.

Riding the train

on the train

Discovering cool new parks with friends:  Conservation Water Park is an awesome place to go to hang out and dig in the sand and run on the paths and trails.  It's like the Thanksgiving Point gardens - only free and less crowded!

At the park

And doing a little sewing: Made this new camera strap for my camera. So quick and fun and easy to make. Who else wants one?

New camera strap


  1. Sigh. I wish I was handy. I'm crafty, but not handy. No way I could build my own furniture. And did you see the plans for the PB-like project / crafting table?? WANT. Oh, and I love your camera strap! I am hoping to get a "nice" camera sometime soon ... if I do, I am totally hitting you up for a cool strap. : )

  2. Your camera strap is so colorful & hip!! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. Love shavy jones! Thanks.

    I love the camera strap, too. I want one. You can trade out a pillow for it if you need to.

  4. Wish I had a camera that needed a strap!

    Marc is handing. Wow! Of course, why isn't it painted green.

    Headed to Shavy Jones tonight. Yum.


  5. I'll take one...looks like you all had a great time

  6. Love your strap! I can't wait to go to Shavy Jones since you guys talk about it all the time.



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