Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Weekends Are Good For

Weekends are good for:

Trips to Costco (wearing Bees hats is mandatory):


Riding in the bike trailer (I can envision Grahm as a teenager giving me that same "come on, Mom!" look):

"Let's get a move on, mom!"

Building forts in the backyard with a string tied between two trees and a bunch of blankets:

in his fort.

Telling your brother the rules of the fort (no more eating crayons!):

listen. to. me.

Reading in your fort:


Eating bark:

bark to eat



Having to get corralled in your high chair, and not being happy about it,

corraled in the highchair

Because you won't stop crawling under the desk and unplugging random cords.


Then proceeding to sit in your highchair, plotting your revenge,

in the highchair ..... plotting his revenge :]

and give everyone who will listen (and even those that won't) a piece of your mind.

giving me a piece of his mind

Then get really upset when you're left alone.

not happy

Also more being in your fort.

watching the backyard


  1. That high chair series is SO funny. Love it. Also love the fort - so fun. xo

  2. I love the pictures. Keep em coming. I miss your boys. Aubrey loved them too.

  3. I love the plotting picture! haahaa



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