Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Marc's Birthday and Red Rock

A few weeks ago it was Marc's birthday ... we did all the things Marc likes to do ... spent the afternoon at a Bees game ... took a drive up Emigration canyon  ... and ate dinner downtown at Red Rock Brewery.

In keeping with tradition of baking him some sort of cake/dessert made with peanut butter (his favorite) for his birthday I made him some peanut butter/graham cracker/covered in chocolate ganache bars that were absolutely amazing .... but failed to take a picture of them.  Just trust me, they were good.

U of U

One of the buildings on the U of U campus.  A cool old building - but not one that Marc does research in.  (He's getting his PhD in Bioinformatics).

eating flatbread

We ate dinner at one of Marc's favorite restaurants: Red Rock Brewing Company. We got an appetizer of flatbread with roasted garlic, Gorgonzola cheese, kosher salt and fresh sage and practically had to order another one because Grahm was scarfing down the flatbread. He LOVED it.

I got the Barbecue Pork Tenderloin Sandwich – Topped with coleslaw & barbecue sauce in a wood-fired pita pocket - which was one of the most amazing sandwich's I have ever eaten. I crave it now.

Mase at Red Rock

Silly Mason was feeling pretty adventurous and got the flatbread cheese pizza ... again it was soooo good. Just everything we've ever eaten there is delicious.

by Mason silverware -- by Mason

Mase loves playing with the ShakeIt Photo app on my phone and he took these 2 pictures that turned out looking pretty cool. (Our silverware and the wood-fire grill)


They have this awesome reddish orange wall outside that is great for taking pictures - plus the sun was just setting and the light was gorgeous. I love all of these pictures I got of my boys ...

crazy boys

Mason looks so small next to this giant wall.


The sun setting behind their cool building.


And my boys. I love that I'm the only girl in a family of all boys!

my boys

We then stopped for ice cream on the way home and enjoyed the warm summer night.  Happy Birthday, Marc!

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  1. What a fun birthday!!! I love the pictures of all 3 boys - esp. with Mason and his crossed arms.

    Trying to wind down here. Have some wine and a piece of carrot cake. Oh and




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