Friday, June 11, 2010

Grahm at 9.5 months

pulling up

SOMEBODY is pretty proud of himself that he's pulling up on anything and everything already. I'm telling you - this 2nd child is a whole 'nother SPECIES of kid than Mason was. Mason was completely content to s.i.t. and didn't crawl until 11.5 months or walk until 15 months.

at t-ball

Grahm is 9.5 months and has been crawling and scooting around already for 2 months, and now he's well on his way to walking. He'll be walking by his 1st birthday in August for sure. He's also much more of a cuddler than Mason ever was, which is nice.

gimme that PHONE!

He's got 6 teeth, weighs around 26 pounds (a chunk but not as much as his brother was) says "da-da-da" and "may-may-may" (Mason). Loves green peas the best. Claps his hands "horray!" and jumps up and down in his crib. He wants my phone more than anything and always lunges at me when I'm taking his picture resulting in lots of pictures like this:

gimme that phone

Mason has never had so much as a skinned knee and Grahm, let's just say because of Grahm I have the pediatrician on speed dial and know the fastest routes to the ER. I just know he's going to be my first broken arm or stitches experience. He already got this nasty cut on his nose by managing to pull the bottom of the front door across his face (?!!).

scraped nose

Such a sweet, loving, happy little boy, my Grahmmy.

on the bed


  1. Wow, he is almost 10 months. Still seems like yesterday that you were pregnant.

    Such a cute boy. Hope we can hang out soon.




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