Monday, May 10, 2010

Right Now I


Right Now I:

. am planning a fun wedding shower

. am trying to babyproof the house for the newly mobile crazy crawling-everywhere baby

. am going nuts organizing tons of interviews, guest posts, features & articles for the Quilting Bee Blocks blog

. am going to t-ball games 2 and 3 times a week

. am happy we survived Marc's first year of his Phd program

. am thinking of how I need to clean and organize the garage

. am trying to sell lots of old stuff on Craigslist in the name of simplifying

. am sad Preschool is almost over

. am baking brownies for Marc to take to work tonight

. am needing to make a new-baby gift

. am excited to have my best friend visiting in a few weeks

. am wishing I had a few more hours in the day

. am needing to take tons of stuff to the post office

. am dreaming of relaxing at some point --- if only life was so easy at this stage as it is for Mason -- check him out up there relaxing on the dock!


  1. Oh my, that picture rocks! Go Mason. You surely do have LOTS on your plate. SuperMomma!
    My Mom is here until Saturday. So I won't be able to play Friday. Also I am sending that picture page thing this week to E. Do you have yours? I can come pick it up or can you drop it at my door?


  2. Seriously why are we always thinking of all the things that we need to do and never relax? I tried to relax to day after I cleaned but I was tense and anxious the whole time...needless to say it didn't work. Goodluck.

    p.s. I am super excited myself and wish it was the 4th already.



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