Monday, May 24, 2010

In the Sewing Groove

A few of the things I've been making recently:

A take-along-quilt for Grahm when he's in his carseat/stroller. I had many baby blankets/quilts for him already but never a good sized one that was the right weight (read: light) to be convenient to take with us everywhere.

take-along quilt

This one came together really quickly with it being made up of just four simple square-within-square blocks, white sashing, and a whole-cloth back.

take-along quilt: edges

I used the same cute dinosaur fabric in the center of each of the four blocks to tie them all together and then used some of my favorite polka dots and other fun fabrics to make the blocks.  It's hard to see in the bright sunlight but I just quilted it in random horizontal and vertical lines.  I didn't want the quilting to be too dense so I kept them spaced pretty far apart (2-3 inches).

take-along quilt: up close

I used high-loft polyester batting instead of my regular cotton batting to make the quilt really puffy and lightweight. Grahm loves it and we get lots of compliments on it when we're out and about.

We had a 4 year old birthday party to go to this weekend and since I like giving handmade gifts I had to think of something to make! I had been wanting to make some reusable treat bags for awhile so this was the perfect opportunity. My friend is very environmentally conscious and so I thought they'd appreciate these eco-friendly bags! :)

They came together quickly AFTER I realized the tutorial I had been following was missing a crucial step causing me a lot of cursing and throwing away of almost-completed bags. Then I got an email from a pro-maker of bags that helped me immensely and pointed me to another, easier to follow tutorial. (Thanks Beth!) A bag of Pirate Booty to go along with them and we had our gift!

reusable snack bags

Grahm is super mobile now and hates to sit still for getting dressed or getting his diaper changed. I usually can coerce him to lay down for me by letting him play with the wipes package because he likes the crinkly sound they make and likes smashing it up in his little fists.

crinkle toycrinkle toy

The other day Mason wanted to help me sew something so I decided to cut up a finished wipes package and insert the crinkly stuff into a little toy. I know there are tutorials for these out there online but I just did it myself based off the size crinkly thing I had and also adding an X across the middle to hold it in place better, as well as a little loop for attaching a ring. If anyone is interested I can make a tutorial on how I did it really simply. Mason picked out the two fabrics we used so it is reversible. Grahm loves it!


  1. Wipes packaging as the crinkly stuff - genius! I always wondered what people use when they make their own.

  2. I wondered about that too! Genius!

  3. I've heard of people using everything from freezer paper to tin foil to plastic grocery bags .... the old Huggies wipes container for us was what I had plus he had already loved the sound of it so he kind of came up with it himself! ;)

  4. We do LOVE the snack bags. Totally appreciate them my friend. And Addy took them out of the drawer yesterday and asked Nate if he wanted to use one of "my bags."


  5. Great work! Can't wait to read more from you.

  6. Love all of your stuff! You never told me about the toy!!!!! So fun.

  7. I have a new grandson (my first) and I would LOVE to have a tutorial on how to make one of these!



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