Sunday, May 2, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter was only about a month ago .....  here's some pictures from our fun day ....

I made the boys some little bow ties the day before .... soooo easy.  I had this fun striped fabric in my stash that just looked like tie fabric to me!


We had dyed eggs a few days before and got some awesome, vibrant colors:

dye for eggs

the finished product

We had a yummy brunch at our house that Marc and my mom cooked (I set the table) :)

Easter table

Marc made eggs benedict from scratch and my mom made strawberry crepes and quiche.

Easter breakfast

The boys got Easter baskets and some new fun toys.

Easter toys

Mase really liked the peeps:


Mason loved hunting for eggs and thought that the Easter Bunny chose funny places to put eggs:

finding eggs.

Grahm sat in the rocking chair and let me take some pictures of him:

in a bowtie

And modeled the bow tie for me again:

flying Grahm

And a mosaic with the rest of the pictures:

Easter 2010 mosaic


  1. Aubrey and I love the bow ties. Both of the boys have really grown up. Miss you guys..

  2. The ties rock - esp. the flying baby model....The breakfast looks SO yummy. xo



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