Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Baseball is Underway!

It's springtime and that means it's BASEBALL season again. We have tickets to the Bees again this year and went to their Opening Day last week.

Riding TRAX downtown to the stadium:

Heading to opening night

Watching the action:

At the park

Grahm was loving life, as usual:

Grahms first Bees game of the season

Taking a little rest, waiting for the fireworks:

a little rest at the game

Fireworks after the game:

hipstamatic fireworks

Mason in his new Bees jersey:

Ahhh it

Almost taken the exact same day in the exact same spot, just a year prior. What a difference a year makes!


We truly are a baseball family.  Mason started t-ball last week for the first time ever and is loving that as well!


  1. Looks like an excellent day -- and WHOA -- how much more grown up to Mason look. When you're in the stands do people go "Buzzzzzzz!"??

    Go Phillies! (just had to put that in there)

  2. So cool! I love that you have last year and this year's pics. He HAS grown so much.

  3. So fun! The boys are growing up so fast.

  4. I love the two pictures of last year and this year, amazing how much they grow and change in such a short time! :) Are you still making superhero capes? I saw some of your capes featured in a couple of articles- they were absolutely gorgeous, you are quite talented with your sewing.



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