Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Month of Mornings - last picture and mosaic

Our Month of Mornings ended last Monday and I figured it was finally time to get up the last picture and mosaic of all the pictures.  I had a great time taking a picture every morning and trying to capture just a little snapshot of our daily lives. Like the saying goes - the years are short but the days are long ... hopefully these sweet pictures help me get through some of the longer days and remind me of the two sweet, loving boys I have.

Darci and I decided to do a picture of us plus our 2 kids for the last picture.  I took a million pictures and something was always off one each of them - Grahm had his eyes closed - Mason wasn't looking at the camera - finally I just embraced our imperfectness and picked one randomly to use.  Mason's waving and sticking out his tounge and G has his favorite chew toy -- letter X -- but the picture is me and my two boys and captures our funny, crazy hectic days perfectly.

me & my boys

And here are all the pictures from the Month of Morning series - you can also see them in thier Flickr photoset here.  

Month of Mornings mosaic


  1. Yay to finally seeing your last picture, I think it is awesome, love it. I didn't love mine either but I still use it. Love the Mosaic I should have done that.

  2. Wow, that last picture is so special. I really love it. And then the mosaic. Amazing. All the pics look great together.
    Thanks for sharing so much of your days with us..


  3. I love the last picture (and the mosaic is wonderful!) I think it's important to capture even the most mundane moments - you always remember the hectic holidays and fun vacations, but the everyday moments sometimes get lost and forgotten. And they're the ones with the nicest memories!

  4. Glad you finally got one of you in it! You have a great and beautiful family!!

  5. Wow what a cool idea!!!! Your pictures are beautiful!



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