Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy boy - Month of Mornings day 26

Grahm is always such a happy boy.  He's so much more snuggly and cuddly than Mason ever was too.  It's hard not to compare them, but they are so different in so many ways.  Of course - they're alike in so many ways, too, Mason was a huge baby and Grahm is as well.  We're already in 24 month clothes and size 5 diapers (anyone need any leftover 4's??!) 

So anyways, snuggly, cuddly, happy baby.  Even when teething he's smiley and happy - just more drooly.  At 7 months he sits up, rolls like a champ (both ways), army crawls around the whole room (quicker backwards than forwards but does both).   Loves his veggies and fruits and biter biscuits.  Is pretty partial to the green polka dot blanket I made him and is VERY partial to his big brother ... he ADORES Mason.  So cute to see.

happy boy


  1. that is such a cute picture. I love his chubby legs. I think that he's definitely passed wyatt up in the chunk department - or at least they're even.

    I just want to squeeze and kiss him.

  2. Such a cutie. Love those legs. And that quilt!! I really don't think I have ever heard G cry?!! Seriously.

    We use size 4 diapers on Jo if you still have some.


  3. It is so great to have a happy baby it makes everything so much easier. He sure is a cutie! Love the quilt your mom made.



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