Wednesday, February 10, 2010

super kid - week of mornings day 3

Today Mason was the Super Kid at preschool. He goes to an awesome preschool and the teacher does a great job of making them feel special during thier week .... we had to make a poster with some pictures and he got to bring a few of his favorite things to show his classmates ... and pick out a treat for everyone. He has been SO excited all week to get to have Grahm and I come to school today to help show his stuff and his poster.

super kid - week of mornings day 3

The writing on the chalkboard are the things that he wanted to bring:

Mickey ears from Disneyland
Bonzo/lizard (his stuffed friends)
soccer trophy
baseball mitt signed by the Angels
picture of him and Marc at Angels stadium for his 1st game, when he was just a little over a week old
Ratatouille movie
Go Dog Go poster.

You can also click over to Flickr to see the picture with additional notes on it.

I'm so proud of you, Mason!


  1. So awesome! Love all the stuff that he wanted to bring and show everyone at school.

  2. Wow - awesome poster Mason!! So cute peeking over the top. Never seen Yo Gabba Gabba. Going to tivo it for Addy. xo



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