Friday, February 12, 2010

rushed - week of mornings day 5

We had a long day planned today of driving, dropping off Grahm at MeeMaw's, going downtown, doing errands -- things that needed a lot of preparation and getting ready for. I woke up early this morning to have a little time to myself before waking up the boys to have them get ready too. Not seconds after I poured myself this bowl of cereal (at 6:45 am!) Mason woke up and it was all a whirlwind after that.

Sometime during the morning I snapped this picture of my bowl of cereal sitting there, untouched, and knew I wanted to use it for my Week of Mornings picture. But then as I sat down to the computer to post it, another calamity happened (someone probably ran out of milk) that I had to attend to. I got as far as editing the picture and uploading it to Flickr, and then then next thought I had about it was when we were on the freeway and I thought "Crap! I didn't hit 'publish' on that picture!"

Now it's 6:15 pm and we are finally home and I am finally sitting down to post this "morning" picture. And yes, this poor bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats sits on the table as untouched as it was this morning.

rushed - week of mornings day 5

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