Sunday, February 14, 2010

pj's - week of mornings day 7

Whenever we can on the weekend we like to take it easy in the mornings and it isn't uncommon to find us still in our PJ pants at noon. But today we did roll out of bed when it was technically still "morning" so we could get today's picture. Darci and I had decided to do one day this week as a self-portrait ... she did hers a few days ago and since today is the last day, I had to put myself in the picture somehow. So, hope this counts, my PJ pants were all that I was willing to put on camera this early in the morning on a long weekend. Next time I'll try for during the week. ;)

Mason had been watching me try to figure out a half-decent picture that was a self portrait and not completely lame. He thought it was cool to be taking pictures in the mirror and kept trying to jump in the picture. I captured this one almost by accident, but the more I looked at it the more I loved his little feet next to mine, both in our PJ pants, both embracing the lazy and slow day we were enjoying so much. Perfect to wrap up the week of morning pictures for me.

pj's - week of mornings day 7

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  1. yeah. i am SO excited you guys are doing a whole month. How awesome! Love feet pics.



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