Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Pat's BBQ

We are BIG fans of BBQ restaurants and have become quite the BBQ snobs -- I will only eat at certain "real" BBQ restaurants and eat specific BBQ sauce.  We have a smoker as well as a BBQ also and one of my favorite things during the summer is when Marc smokes ribs or BBQ's chicken.

This past weekend we ate at Pat's BBQ in Salt Lake.  It was SOOO good.  You might recognize the guy in the picture as Guy Fieri from the show Diners, Drive-In's and Dives ... we are big fans of his show and always try to eat at the restaurants he's visited.

Our dinner was so good - I had a pulled pork sandwich and Marc had ribs.  We got a couple of sides to share and it was plenty of food to share with Mason and fill us all up.  The place is kind of interesting ... it's pretty relaxed and so you're in charge of getting all your own utensils, napkins, etc. 

Pat's BBQ

Mason recognized him from his tv show and wanted his picture taken with him ...but it was so dark inside it was hard to get a great picture with my phone.

Can't wait to go there again!


  1. We ate there once and it was really good! Great atmosphere. We went on a Friday for lunch and there was a live band playing too....made it so much fun!

  2. Nate loves this place. In the summer you can sit outside and bands play. xo



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