Monday, February 15, 2010

In His Room - Month of Mornings day 1

Darci and I decided that we would continue our Week of Mornings .... and actually start over today and do a Month of Mornings! This is a big commitment for me. I am not a great morning person anyways, and especially on Preschool mornings, or when we have to get up and get out the door for something rather early, it's going to be hard. I need to learn to be ok with having (in my eyes) an imperfect picture, what I think we're really going for is just a snapshot of our mornings; a captured moment that otherwise would have just passed by without really registering in our memories.

Grahm is such a good little guy. He is so patient and willing to just lay on the ground in his room and play with a toy while I get his older brother ready for the day. It takes a lot more effort to brush the hair and teeth of a preschooler than it does to just get a squishy little baby dressed.

in his room

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