Friday, February 26, 2010

Guest Photographer: Mason

This is Mason.  Mama wanted me to take a picture this morning with my camera to put on her internet.  She said I could take a picture of whatever I wanted to.  I was just glad that she was fixing my camera since it was out of batteries.  I got my own camera when I was 3. I took a lot of pictures but she said I had to choose my favorite one.  I chose a picture of Bonzo.  He is my mouse.  He lives in my room.  MeeMaw gave me a real Bonzo. He is my friend, and he is scared of the vacuum. I don't take him to Preschool but he stays home. He eats cheese.

Guest photographer: Mason

Mason was so excited to get to take pictures and choose one to put up for Month of Mornings. Bonzo started out as his imaginary friend mouse (along with Kebbin the horse) but then we got the stuffed Bonzo and now there are two: Bonzo and Bonzo, Jr. Bonzo, Jr. is the tiny imaginary one that wreaks havoc around our house and comes with us in the car. Regular Bonzo is the stuffed one that doesn't ever leave the house. I asked Mase to tell me whatever he wanted to about the mouse and this is almost word for word what he said.

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  1. Mason: You did a great job with your camera. I'm glad Bonzo liked having his picture taken...he has a great smile this morning. Love, Meemaw



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