Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blue - Month of Mornings Day 3

For Month of Mornings Darci and I decided that on some days we would choose a "theme" to use for our picture. It could be anything we each came up with and we are going to just text each other the morning of so it will be a surprise. This morning Darci said "blue" because it's Gwen's favorite color --- so I looked around and the first blue thing my eyes landed on were on Mason's little art table - he had been practicing writing his name before Preschool this morning with his favorite, blue pen, and it was sitting on a piece of blue construction paper with a blue crayon! It was perfect, because it fit the blue and the morning theme, and because now that I look around we really don't have that much blue around our house.

The paper that has his traceable name on it I made and printed from here. LOVE that website - you can create your own handwriting worksheets with whatever you want printed on them. Mason knows how to write his name now from learning how to shape the letters from practicing from those sheets!

blue - month of mornings day 3


  1. Awesome.
    Did you print out that sheet somewhere?


  2. Rika - I did ... I added the link to the post & will email you it in case you don't see this.

  3. WoW -- what an awesome site! Thanks for the link. PS. Haven't watched last night's LOST yet ... ... ....

  4. John did you see my tweet about Lost? Definitely one of my most favorite episodes ever!



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