Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer fun

Taking a quick break from all the summer fun we're having with Darci and her family to post a quick picture .... it's great fun to have them here and I feel like we haven't missed a day apart from each other - even though it's been almost 2 years since we lived right down the street from them. Gwen and Mason are getting together fabulously. Bees games, swimming, backyard BBQ's, fabric shopping ... we're cramming in the fun every day and will be so sad to see them leave again!

summer fun


  1. Such a great picture! I bet you will miss them alot.

    Did you get your present?


  2. oh, what an adorable picture!

  3. Hey. Haven't been here in a long time, but wanted to say the big giving of the capes will be at all 4 kids bday party next week. I'm super excited about it. Thanks agian for your kindness to me through our adoption process. Best to you.

    And.. I love the name Gwen :)

  4. They sure are cute together. Gwenie has been asking about Fishy.....



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