Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Guess the Babys Name Game, Round 2

As most all of you know Marc and I are having a 2nd baby, another boy, on August 24th, 2009. Some of you remember with Mason we had a "Guess the Babys Name Game" where we sent out clues in order to make a game out of guessing his name. Marc and I have decided on a name for Baby #2 and are again keeping the name top-secret - except for these clues we'll send out weekly for these last 8 or so weeks of the pregnancy.

If you weren't around for the first round or need a refresher on what Masons clues were - here's the run down of Round 1 (the pictures we sent out along with the tie-in they had with Masons name):

Clue #1 - pyramids were built by the free masons.


Clue #2 - George Mason was from Virginia, and George Mason University is there


Clue #3 - the building is city hall of Mason, Ohio


Clue #4a - a strand of DNA to clue you into that ...


Clue #4b - these coding proteins spelled Mason Val Singleton


Clue #5 - these coordinates are to the Mason Crater on the moon


Clue #6 - Fenway Park has a W.B. Mason sign (though not in this picture ;) & the stats are for a baseball player named Mason from the 1800s


See how easy that is!!? ;)

If you want in on this round - leave a comment or otherwise send me your email address so I can put you on the official email list. I'll send you out the first email with the rules and the run down of how it all works.

And now for the first clue for Round 2:

clue 1

Round 2 also has it's own Flickr set you can find here to see all the clues as they are released.

Good luck!


  1. Well when you lay it all out like that I feel like a complete moron for not figuring it out when Mason was born ;)

  2. Dang - last round was Hard! Put me on new list please. Exciting.

  3. hysterical - pretty sure I wouldn't be good at this... I would have thought Sphinx DNA for poor Mason... but I love the idea!

  4. Can't wait to start guessing! Sign me up!

  5. I didn't guess last time since I SUCK at these kind of games. I will see if I can try this time.

  6. I know that I WON'T guess it, but it sounds like fun.

  7. how fun!!! i'd love to try!! did anyone guess right on mason?

  8. Man, I feel really stupid after reading that post cause I have NO idea what half those things are! Everything I thought of were hopefully not things you were naming your baby boy! :) Thanks for stopping by! -Allison

  9. what a fun clever idea! i probably wont be able to figure it out, but put me on the list any ways!

  10. EASY?! Those clues are impossible--you and Marc are genuises :).

    I think I will sit this one out and just wait for the big reveal when the babe comes.

    Take care, these last couple of months are the worst! Can't wait to see the little guy.

    --Jen Roper

  11. Hey Erin, I just found your blog. Looks like you guys are doing really good. Congrats on the baby #2 coming! Hope all is well. Mason is adorable!!



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