Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fun Summer Morning!

Summer is just flying by and we're trying to get out an enjoy it as much as we can ... despite being 7.5 months pregnant and the weather starting to get super hot. :) Less than 2 months left until the baby comes though so we'd better enjoy these last 1-child days.

We have an awesome park in our neighborhood that is right next to the lake - it's got great climbing toys and lots of soft sand to play in. Mason feels right at home at the beach when we go there.

in the sand.

We went today with my 2 friends and their 3 kids - Mason's best buds. It is so fun to have such great Mama's that are my best friends and have them have such awesome kids that are Mason's age, too. It works out so well. I love our little playgroup.

at our

We played in the sand with all the sand toys and spent some time swinging and going on the slide and climbing the spiderweb. And running across the "plank" of the "ship" as Mason likes to call it.

on the ship :)

crossing the bridge

And this is how I know that it's time to put the camera away, or at least stop trying to get any photos where he's looking at me - the Blank Stare.


We went to the pizza buffet after and then next door to our favorite shaved ice place for a treat - what a fun morning!

shaved ice yum!

Yay for summer!


  1. Looks so fun can't wait to go!

  2. what a fun morning!! i think the blank stare looks so cute with his big eyes!!

  3. Those pictures are so cute of Mason!!! That was such a great day...we had so much fun too =)



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