Monday, June 1, 2009

Spring is fun!

I've been slacking on posting about day-to-day stuff here, which really is what this blog started out to be. As one of my good friends says - she blogs for selfish reasons, to have a record of her family and kids and all the fun things they do. I usually am pretty good about uploading my iPhone pictures to my Flickr (hello emailing straight from the phone to Flickr easy-peasy!) but then the pictures just sit there and I NEVER seem to get the pictures from my hard drive over here anymore. I figured it was time for a big post catching up with some of the fun stuff we've been doing in May. (And is it already June?!)

Riding bikes:

Riding the bug bike

Going to 31 cent ice cream night:

31 cent ice cream night

We got season tickets to the Bees (minor league baseball team for the Angels) and have been going to lots of baseball games. Marc takes Mason a lot just the 2 of them. Their favorite way to get there is the Trax (light rail). Mason LOVES riding the train.

Riding the light rail

Going to the library.

At the library

Eating out when it's too hot to cook:

Havin some lunch

Having popsicles or ice cream on the front porch every day after naptime.

It's hot

Summer rainstorms with rainbows after:

Summer rainstorm

Backyard bbq's with cousins:

backyard bbq

Swinging on a big-boy swing for the first time:

first time on a big boy swing

Eating out in our backyard almost every night:


This was a big one - going bowling for the first time! (More about that later)

pink - his favorite color

Getting a new t-ball stand, reading the instructions to Daddy:

reading instructions

Going to the quilt store with Mama (not his favorite errand):


Relaxing in the pool:


Going to the baseball game with friends:

Mason & corinne


  1. Love it - esp. the bees hat on train and floating in the pool!!
    Thinking about going to library and Rio tomorrow am (tuesday). Wanna go?


  2. What a beautiful little boy you have there!

  3. Nice rainbow! Summer is so great I better feel better soon to enjoy it more.

  4. I seriously think you guys live in some sort of enchanted fairy land.

  5. Aww, all those pictures are just too darn cute! I think I like the posicle after nap outside pic though- so sweet :)



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