Saturday, June 13, 2009

May Quilting Bee Blocks

May was a big month for the 3 Quilting Bees I am in ... each bee had 2 blocks due, so that was SIX block I needed to make. I hate being behind but I'm so glad that all six of them are done and going in the mail on Monday!

It's an interesting thing making a block for someone else ... with the fabric that someone else has chosen ... you never exactly know if they're going to like it or not or what their tastes are or if there's a particular thing that they just HATE. I guess signing up for a quilting bee you kind of know that - and that's what makes it fun is getting a ton of different perspectives on the same general idea.

So the blocks I made for the month of May were:

For the Pieced Together Quilting Bee:

Allison's drunkard's path block:

Pieced Together - May - for Allison

Colleen's right angels & strippy squares block: (my favorite of the month)

Pieced Together - May - for Colleen

For the Cottage Quilting Bee:

Carolyn's tree block:

Cottage Quilting Bee - May - for Carolyn

Ashley Ann's rainbow scrappy block:

Cottage Quilting Bee - May - for Ashley Ann

and for Sew Connected 3:

Quayandco's scrappy log cabin block:

Sew Connected 3 - May

Sunnynole's owl block:

Sew Connected 3 - May

You can click on any of the blocks for more details on each of them -- I had a great time making blocks this month - there was some terrific fabrics sent out!

Also for anyone reading this that may be in a quilting bee -- I started a new group on Flickr specifically for Quilting Bee Blocks - that is, any block that you make for someone else from fabric that they send you. If you're in a quilting bee right now please join our group and add pictures of all the great blocks you've made. We've got a great collection of blocks so far and also a master list of all the different quilting bees that are out there right now - there are lots of them! If you aren't in a bee yet, it's also a great place to post that you might be interested in joining one and seeing what bees are going to be starting up soon.


  1. All these blocks are gorgeous, and what lucky recipients they're going to!

  2. You are making me feel like a total slacker! hehe. I still have 2 blocks to do and I just don't know when I can get them done and it is soooo past the due date :( Yours are all awesome.

  3. Those are great! Love the trees!

  4. these are all just to cute! you did an amazing job! i think the rainbow scrappy one is my fav- love all the colors!



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