Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching up

When I go for so long without blogging I just keep putting it off and putting it off and just never know what to come here and write? Do I try to catch up on all the stuff I missed? Do I try to do separate posts on everything or one big post? Do I just start over and go from here on out? Who knows, I still don't have it figured out. But I wanted to record a few random things we've been doing lately ... I haven't gotten any pictures off my camera in about a month so most of these pics are crappy iPhone pictures ... it's just too convenient that I can snap a pic on there and immediately email it to my Flickr account!

Easter tie

Easter: I made Mason a tie because he has no dress up clothes. It turned out pretty cute but next time I make one (if there is a next time) I'll enlarge the pattern because it shrunk up a lot and was almost impossible to get over his head.

I made Mason's little friends some felt carrots and eggs for a little Easter surprise. Actually we had them over to stuff the carrots themselves - so cute. Then I sewed them up and put the tops on and stuffed the little eggs with some goodies.

felt easter carrots

I made the pattern for the carrots up on my own (though there are plenty online available) but the eggs I used a tutorial found here.

felt easter eggs

I made both things completely with my huge bucket of felt scraps, as you can see here:

My helper

I knew keeping all those scraps would come in handy! Now what to do with the other 3 garbage bags full of scraps ...

We also had a little neighborhood Easter Egg hunt for just 30 or so of the kids around here. Mason had a blast running around the park and getting eggs into his basket!


checking it out

going for more candy

Also opening every egg as he found it to see if the candy inside was worth eating right then (Reeses peanut butter eggs, Hersheys kisses) or saving for later (Smarties, jellybeans).

"Mason, is there any candy in your mouth!!?" *swallowing* "No, Mama!"

his basket

I've also been super busy with capes, sewing, and my online quilting bees and swaps. This is my month for one of the bees I'm in (which means I sent out fabric to 20 people, who are now making and sending me back quilt blocks) which is super fun and exciting to get the mail everyday. It's going to be a great quilt! But that is a post in and of itself, so that one will come soon.

A little catch up feels good!


  1. Yeah! Had been checking blog and waiting for an update!


  2. I love to get all caught up! Easter was alot of fun this year. Love the picture of Mase in his tie, you can tell he already hates tie's, what guy doesn't???

  3. That tie is adorable! Hmmmm...I wonder If I could get my five year old to wear one?

  4. I want Mason's life. That is all. You're the best mom ever!



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