Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another Sewing Update

The past few weeks have been sewing, sewing and more sewing. Partly because I'm crazy and got myself into three different sewing bees, a charity project and a quilt swap - and partly because I am participating in the Oh Sweet Sadie! Art and Gift Show this weekend in my neighborhood.

Oh Sweet Sadie

I'm so excited to be doing Oh Sweet Sadie! -- Utah has a ton of boutiques and art shows but this one really is one of the best. This weekend it's in Daybreak in the Destination Model Homes. If you are local you should come by! It's on Friday from 9:30 am - 7pm and Saturday from 9:30 am - 5pm. They've got awesome vendors with lots of great crafts, clothes, home dec items and more. They've even got a playroom for the kids! You can look at their blog for more info and directions.

The month of April was my month for the Pieced Together Quilting Bee. That meant that I went and bought enough fabric for a quilt, and sent it out to the other 17 people in the group. They are all making me great quilt blocks and mailing them back to me so that I can finish them all into a quilt. I choose mostly red and yellow prints with a little blue mixed in.

ready to mail

ready to mail

It's been so fun getting blocks back already from everyone - I can't wait to get this quilt made!

Here's a few of the quilt blocks I've been making for everyone else over the past couple of months.

For Katie:

Katie's block - detail

For Viv:

Viv's block - detail

For Stephanie:

Stephanie K's block - detail

For Sew-Do-I:

Sew-do-I's block detail

And for Sara:

Sara's block - detail

That last block is called a Spiderweb block and it was SO challenging for me. It was my first experience with paper piecing, which is basically where you sew your material onto a template that is printed onto a piece of paper. It was easy once I got the hang of it but made me really nervous, especially since I was doing it for someone else. Darci and I were sewing ours together on speaker phone the whole time, going step by step so that we could understand it better together! It worked out great!

Check out how the whole quilt is going to look once Sara gets all the blocks from everyone. It's going to be so neat!

PTQB Spiderweb 1930's repro quilt

Lastly, the block that I made for Project Improv. You can read more about this awesome charity project at Jacquies blog.

Project Improv charity block

I choose the red/aqua color scheme to make a block to donate to the project. I love these 2 colors together and can't wait to see it in the finished quilt that is going to be donated.


  1. Seriously I don't know what I would have done had we not done it together over the phone!!!! All of your blocks are gorgeous!!

  2. Love the improv block. WoW! Can't wait to see you at Sweet Sadie Show.


  3. I am still intimaidated by paper piecing! All of your blocks look so nice, I love the one for sew-do-I. Have a good time at the show!

  4. You are one busssssy lady!! How dod you do it??

  5. All the blocks look great! I plan on working on your PTQB block this weekend : )

  6. Wow You are not only busy, but extremely talented! I love the Project Improv one.

  7. Ooh, I love all of the blocks you made, especially that last red and aqua one! Your PTQB block from me is going in the mail today from me -- so sorry to be mailing it just in the nick of time. I thought March was bad, but April was just as crazy...:)



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