Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Week of Mornings

If you haven't heard of the website (or the book, or read about it online, or seen them on Martha Stewart ...) A Year of Mornings, you are missing out! From their website:

3191, A Year of Mornings began on January 1, 2007 as an almost daily photo conversation, in blog form, between two friends that live 3191 miles apart. It lasted the entire calendar year ending on December 31, 2007 and was followed by 3191, A Year of Evenings which ended on January 15, 2009.

They took beautiful pictures and posted them to their blog every morning (and then last year, every evening). Their pictures were eventually turned into a book which is wonderful eye candy and a great coffee table book.

My best friend Darci and I are going to do the same thing - but on a much smaller scale - A Week of Mornings. Here's my first entry and visit Darci, at Just a Peek, for hers. Our only rules are that we both take, edit and post a picture within an hour of waking up & that we can't cheat and use our iPhone cameras - good cameras only. :)



  1. oh the owl is sooooo cute. Did you make him?? LOL that we both did the 70's theme.

    This is going to be so much fun!!!

  2. Great idea....something to look forward to all week....

  3. This is so cool!!! You guys can make it into your own little book....

  4. oh geez, that sounds really intimidating to me. i will watch with baited breath!



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