Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Stash: Orange & Turquoise Edition

This past week we went on a road trip to Arizona ... there is nothing Marc and I like more than to get in the car with a vague idea of where we are going and a map and a week or so away from life to just go somewhere ... not a lot of people like doing this or can stand long amounts of time in the car - but we love it. It's interesting and exciting and we always discover little hidden places and have adventures and tons of fun. I'll do a real post about the trip in a day or two but today it's all about the FABRIC!

One of the places we took a side trip to was Sedona, Arizona. We managed to find both an amazing hidden restaurant (aptly named The Hideaway) and a not-so-hidden but amazing fabric shop! The Quilters Store Sedona was so cool! The women there were kind and very interested in me - a young(ish) girl coming from Salt Lake who wanted to make a stop at their quilt shop on her vacation with her husband and toddler waiting out in the parking lot. I could have spent lots more time there, but I was starving and just wanted to take a quick peek.

In Sedona

It was a very organized store with lots of selection. They had fat quarters of most of their fabrics - which I love because I don't have to wait in line to get fabric cut.


I've been wanting to see the new line "Fresh" ever since my BFF Darci showed it to me online the other day -- and I was so happy to see that they had it! I was drawn to it even before I knew what it was because of the bright oranges, greens and turquoises ... and the prints are so pretty. This line looks 1000 x's better in person - it just doesn't do it justice online.

I got a big selection of the greens and oranges and turquoises and blues ... but today for Sunday Stash I'm just showcasing orange & turquoise - because this is the beginning of a new quilt I have in the works for Baby #2.

sunday stash: orange & turquoise edition

Fresh is the 3 prints on the left (the circle/diamond print is my new favorite!) then there is a Soiree print and a Katie Jump Rope print. Can't wait to get more colors and prints for this quilt!


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  2. ohhh love those colours, esp the 3 on the left!

  3. I can't wait to see this quilt....I love those colors together and it will be great for a boy.

    ps I have a ton of orange fabric left from my orange you want scraps???

  4. Hello, I saw you on Sunday stash. Love your blog! I just added you to the blog roll on the side of my blog. Check it out if you like.

  5. Love it, been there many times! I use to live in Flagstaff and spent a lot of time in Sedona and the surrounding area. I've been all over the area picking native plants for work.

    My husband use to be a ski bum in Salt Lake.

  6. I came over from flickr, and love your ss!! love the aqua and orange together!

    We use to live in Arizona, and Sedona was one of our favorite places!! :)

  7. I picked up the red version of the Fresh recently for my latest project- And I aggree, it's waaay better IRL. Can't wait to see how your quilt turns out.

  8. Oh, road trips like that sound fun! And it must be nice to stop into a new quilt shop, one full of new fabrics and inspiration! I love the fabrics you haev picked out, so lovely and vibrant!

  9. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    You seem to be very well versed in good fabrics, so I thought I'd see if you by any chance know of any fabric lines that have more masculine prints? I'd love to find a bunch in the gray and yellow family to make quilts for my newest baby nephews. Any ideas??



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