Monday, March 2, 2009

A Quilt Swap

As if I needed something ELSE to keep me busy ... I've joined an online swap for Doll Quilts - Doll Quilt Swap 6. It's basically a swap where you are assigned a partner who you then scope out, figure out what they like, and then make them a doll quilt/mini quilt to mail them.

We all received our partners this evening and I'm so excited for who I got. It's someone I already know a little through blog land and I can't wait to make her something. It's a secret swap so you don't know who your partner is until they send you your quilt in the mail and reveal themselves!

I've been surfing around Flickr all day getting inspiration for what I want to make my partner & also letting my partner know what I like (tee-hee). There are so many beautiful quilts out there that people have made - I didn't have any trouble finding tons of inspiring images.

Quilt inspiration

Can you tell I'm in a rainbow kind of mood? I kind of need it after the crappy week I had last week and this long winter that seems like it's never going to end. I can't wait to get started on this project and then get my quilt in the mail to see who had me!

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  1. My goodness what a wonderful inspiration mosaic that is. Great pictures!



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