Friday, February 27, 2009

Will Be Missed

We had to say goodbye to our puppy yesterday. He was far from a puppy - actually - we don't know exactly how old he was since when we adopted him 7 years ago, the rescue organization said he was anywhere between 7 and 10 years old. That puts him at the youngest around 14 years old.

Newt, waiting patiently on the deck

He was such a good dog - the epitome of the lazy, droopy-eared basset that you picture when you think of the breed.


75% of the pictures I could find of him have him sleeping ... he could sleep anywhere.


One of the hardest things is how much I think Mason is going to miss him. He knew how to open the sliding glass door to let Newt in and out, he was always looking for him when we got home to say hi to, he would open the office door in the mornings to let Newt out.

Newt was Mason's caretaker from the very beginning, hanging out and sleeping in Mason's room before Mason was even born.

newton in flip's room

They were great friends and even though I had Mason say goodbye to Newton and give him a hug and a kiss, I know he is not going to understand where he went when he inevitably goes looking for him.

He did get into his share of trouble - like the many times he'd "open" up his Christmas presents when we were silly enough to leave them under the tree thinking his amazing nose wouldn't sniff them out.

dont hide the dogs presents under the tree

There was also that little incident where his love for cupcakes caused him to start our kitchen on fire - yes, billowing black smoke and the fire department called and everything. Crazy dog.


He gave us many laughs and giggles, too, like when he'd try to run and chase with the other dogs but was always to fat and slow to keep up - so he'd just pass out with exhaustion and his little cheeks would poof up with air.

hey guys, wait up!

And one I know Marc's family will never forget is when all the dogs were running in a circle at my in-laws house, through the kitchen, dining room, living room, out the slider to the backyard, into the other slider back to the kitchen ... well Newt was trying to chase and keep up with the other dogs in the circle but in typical Newt style was running about 200 yards behind everyone - someone thought the dogs were done running and so they went and closed the screen - then came Newt barreling at 100 mph - oblivious to the screen door - so he just went tearing right through the screen without even stopping to think - leaving a huge, gaping Newton-sized hole in the screen behind him. We still laugh to the point of crying every time we hear remember that story.

i dont want to go inside!

We'll miss you so much, Newt. You were my best friend and always there to greet me with a wag no matter what kind of day I had. I'm just happy thinking that now you're able to run around again with Photon, who was your best friend and who's been waiting for you for 2 years now in doggy heaven.



  1. I'm so sorry Erin. Newton will be missed terribly. It's so hard when they have to fly up to doggie heaven. Newton's a very memorable dog :) and beautiful

  2. We will all miss Newton very much. He has been such a great companion and one we will never forget. We have so many happy memories of him and all our hounds. He even won a prize at the Basset Hound Picnic being a slice of pizza. If he could, he would have eaten himself. He was always willing to be part of the joke and fun. He can now play with Photon, Boomer and Dexter in doggie heaven. They'll have a ball running after each other and being together again.

  3. I'm so sorry, Erin. I remember when you first brought Newton home. We lost our 17.5 year old dog last Thursday :(

  4. Ohhhhh! I am sorry!! You have some amazing pictures of he will never be forgotten! Butt his bestest friend is in heaven waiting!!
    It is amazing how apart of the family they become huh?!

  5. I'm so sorry. He sounded like a wonderful dog. I hope Mason doesn't take it too hardly.

  6. Newt was the best! He always managed to make his way into my lap to snuggle and get loved. I'll never forget waking up one morning in California with Newt "spooned" with me in bed, and snoring in my ear. I have to think that he's happier now, being back with his best friends (and perhaps being able to keep up with them!), but he's sure left a big hole in all of our hearts. Love you, Newt!

  7. Amazing journaling and pictures Erin. Tough day, I'm sorry. It's amazing how our pets are very human to us and give us such unconditional love. Thanks for sharing this story - hope some new puppy news will be posted soon - there are so many that need homes. I think I see a puppy quilt perhaps?

  8. It is so hard to see them get old. My dog of 12 years had to go to a friend when we moved to the city. I was able to see her the other day, but think it will be the last time. She's now 15! Sweet memories they leave us with!

  9. Oh, this made me cry, we are a dog family and the day one of them passes is going to be, I won't even think about it. Hope you guys are ok :(

    vanessa from

  10. AWWWW. It is weird thinking of your guys without a dog since we have never known you to not have one. Love the pic of Newt's foot/paw.

  11. I am sorry. We lost two dogs in the last three years and it is too hard. I am sure you will miss your boy for a while but he is so lucky to have had you as a family.

    Your family will be in my prayers.

  12. Sorry about your dear pal. He looks like a real sweetie. I've always had a soft spot for Bassett hounds. My daughter has wanted one ever since seeing the movie 'Kit Kittredge' and someday we may adopt one from a rescue. I hope your memories are comforting to you..


  13. So sorry to hear this -- as an owner of an old old dog, I'm only starting to guess what this can feel like.

    At least he can be back with Photon.

  14. Gosh dogs are the greatest. It's so hard to lose them. Having your son say goodbye, he maybe young but he'll remember his buddy. Just this weekend my 4yo nephew asked me if I missed harper (our family's dog that died last year). I said yes and asked if he did, and in his sweet little 4yo voice said 'yea a lot.'

    So sweet.

    Sorry for your loss. I bet he wasa great pup. And your screen story...priceless.



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