Saturday, February 7, 2009

What We've Been Doing ...

... while I haven't been blogging!

Mason is taking a Gymnastics class and he LOVES it. There are only 2 kids in his class (his adorable little friend Aubrey and him) so the coach really gets to help them out. They walk on the balance beams:

Balance beam

jump on the trampolines:

His favorite part-

climb over the tunnels:

Mason gymnastics

learn to do cartwheels:

Doing cartwheels

and possum-hang on the bars:

Learning to hang

They also climb through tunnels, do forward and backward rolls, play with the parachute, color-sort balls, and throw footballs through the hoops. It's so cute to watch their little 2 1/2 year old bodies try to do all these coordinated things! They even have a little gymnastics "meet" at the end of the semester! Ha!

We also went to the downtown Salt Lake library with our friends to see the cool kids clubhouses they have and spend a rainy day inside:

At the library


It is the coolest library, they have this courtyard inside with little shops and restaurants, before you get to the actual library part. It has SO many windows and then the library area is all open air to the courtyard. They also have a roof garden, but it was too rainy this day to go up there.

cool library

at the library

The kids area has these little rooms where they can climb, bring books to read, and explore. I didn't get a good picture of the Ice Cave room, but it was all crystal and white with a little cave they could climb up and in to. This was what Mason did when I told him to smile as he was peeking out of the cave:


They also had a Treehouse Cave with a big deck they could climb up to and tons of carpeted stairs to climb and slide down:


After we stopped at the cutest little bakery for some lunch and cupcakes. Mason picked one of these out and the other is mine. He picked the pink one!

can i eat them yet?!

His was called "The Diva" and mine was salted pretzel with caramel. YUM!

We've also been:

- capes, quilts, squares for quilting bees, and other little projects here and there.
Reading - books for my online bookclub and my neighborhood bookclub.
Cleaning - spring cleaning and/or getting ready to turn the office into a nursery.
Researching - preschools for Mason to go to in the fall. Yikes!
Traveling - Marc's been gone for work two weeks in a row - to two different places (with 6 days in between at least!)
Resting - I am lucky to not get any morning sickness with my pregnancies (knock on wood!) but I get devastatingly exhausted. Falling asleep while standing at the kitchen counter exhausted. Thankfully that is subsiding a little so I can get some more stuff done!


  1. Love it! It was a great library and a great rainy day.

  2. My two love gymnastics--I only wish they were in classes with only two children. That is great!

    ~ Sarah

  3. Wow only 2 in the class! That would be fantastic. My two love gymnastics too.

  4. The gymnastics cracks me up! I love it.

  5. Love the gymnastics pics! Aubrey loves having him in class!



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