Monday, February 23, 2009

The Nameless Quilt

I had been posting about my sewing and I can FINALLY post that I have this quilt done. It's very satisfying to go from cuts of fabric purchased at a quilt shop, to planning, cutting, piecing, basting, quilting, binding, and washing to a finished, honest-to-goodness quilt.

Top is done

I loosely followed Crazy Mom Quilts tutorial on her Flea Market Fancy measurements quilt, but I ended up tweaking it a little bit to make it work for me (meaning: I had to account for my errors and miscalculations!).


All the fabrics are from Amy Butlers Daisy Chain line. Green has always been my favorite so I knew the first quilt I wanted to make for myself had to be green. I love the way it goes with the white and the gray. All the solid colors are Kona Cottons.

The back is pieced with white rectangles that I mistakenly cut an inch to short to use in the sashing on the front - oh well, happy accidents.


I quilted it all on my machine doing a random all over stippling pattern. It was SO much easier than I thought it would be - previously I had only done stippling on smaller doll quilts and coasters. At times it was a little fussy having to maneuver the big quilt through my machine, but nothing a little creative folding and pinning couldn't manage.

quilting detail

I didn't prewash any of my fabrics on purpose because I wanted to end up with the great crinkly, shrinked up look the quilt would get after being washed and dried. I washed it on cold with one of those color-catcher sheets (which I basically didn't need, it came out white) and then dried it on high heat. It did shrink up quite a bit - the finished size is 75x57 - it's a perfect size for me, but I must have lost about 2-3 inches from the width and the length in drying. I forget the dimensions it was before washing.

in the sun

The dark gray binding is my favorite, I was afraid it was going to be too stark of a contrast but I really love the way it turned out. I think it makes the squares on the front really pop.

sneak peek

And one last thing, I wanted to do something special on it (I'm still debating on if I want to do fabric labels on my quilts) - can you spot what I worked into the quilting in this picture?

can you see the hidden message?

If you need a closer look:


It wasn't too difficult and I thought it was a sweet little way of working a little more of myself into it. And Mason loves to search around the perimiter trying to find it.

Lastly, I can't think of a name for this quilt! It's kind of the "thing to do" to name your quilts but I am SO not creative in this department. Right now it's just "The Thing That Follows Erin Around From Bed to Couch to Table". Any ideas?

I made this

Let me know if you have any questions about making a quilt, I'll try to answer them in the comments.


  1. Erin, I LOVE it! I am still in awe of your sewing talent. I love the dark grey constrast, it works so well.

    Wish I was good at naming things, or I'd give a suggestion.

  2. Erin, this looks amazing. I am so impressed!

  3. Love it - especially the back! Gray works really well with that AB line. For the name...go for the obvious "The Nameless Quilt" - hehe!

  4. I think calling it Erin's quilt would be great since that is what you have quilted on the quilt. I also like Michelle's idea too. I like Grey Butler too since it is amy butlers fabrics and then grey solids.

  5. It came out great! I really like the grey binding, it goes so well with the prints you chose.

  6. Fantastic quilt! I love the colours and I love love love the back. The binding really sets it off as well.

    Fantastic job!

  7. I think you should call it pea in a pod since you made it while making a pea in your belly. Also all the green - peas. Hee hee. I love it. It is even more fab in person!

  8. I'm with Addy's mom on the name: "Pea in a Pod" is just perfect. And like she said, it's even more spectacular in person. Good work, toots.

  9. Love that fabric! I like how you combined all the pieces! So, about the name - I stink at this as well. The only thing that crossed my mind was "Chains in Bloom". Nuts!

  10. this is GORGEOUS!!! I love how you added your name in the quilting. My "signature" is stars, either in the fabrics I choose, or I'll quilt one in somewhere. I love these little surprises!

  11. Erin, this is just gorgeous. Your quilting, the squares, the binding...everything. It's fresh and beautiful.

    I just started buying some of these fabrics myself and have been wondering how I would design a quilt around them. White is always a good choice, and with that nice binding, it looks so sharp.

    Really well done!


  12. Love your finished project- the pattern, the fabric, etc! Especially love the AB fabrics!

  13. it's a beautiful quilt! congrats on a wonderful finish!!!

  14. I love this quilt! Thank you so much for commenting on my first ever bound and quilted quilt over at Mama Bear Gets Chatty. I'm looking forward to making more quilts, but have to find the time.

    BTW, if you haven't come up with a name, what about "Dusk's Garden"? :-)

  15. so lovely! You could call it the snuggle quilt if it follows you. Or the follower. :)

  16. This quilt is so beautiful! :) How many different Amy Butler fabrics did you use? And how much yardage of each did you start with? Thank you so much.



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