Friday, February 20, 2009

Coming soon to Utah!

I've written before how one of the things I miss most about living in Southern California are certain restaurants they have there ... well Utah is finally getting on board the In n Out bandwagon ... last week I was ecstatic to hear they are planning on opening a Draper, Utah location (by VF Factory Outlet for you locals). This was AWESOME news because we are huge In n Out fans - in California we never lived further than a few miles drive from one and it was a weekly (or sometimes daily) lunch or dinner for us.

Mason spent many trips there as a baby where he couldn't do anything but munch on a few cheerios and wish longingly for the day when he could get his own Double Double:


No trip to the beach was complete without stopping for some french fries and a chocolate shake on the way home:

the only thing appropriate after the beach:  grilled cheese from in-n-out

And even on Mason's first birthday - he and I celebrated with a trip, just the two of us, to In n Out in Laguna Niguel where he got his very first own meal - a grilled cheese - just for him!

picking at it

Well today I read that they are also planning on opening a West Valley location (by Valley Fair mall) and a West Jordan location (by the Target in Jordan Landing!). The latter is only a few miles away - certainly close enough for weekly visits!

You do not know how happy this makes me - a little something to make me feel back in California - even though next winter we'll be eating our regular meal with snow falling outside - instead of on the way home from Disneyland, which will be a little weird. But yummy!

DoubleDouble, cheeseburger and 2 fries


  1. Oh I know how excited you are!!!! I am super happy for your and I know my parents are so happy too. Yummy yummy. Even though I don't do the double double, I like the cheeseburger. 2 of them!!

  2. I can't do the double double, either. Can't do two meat patties no matter how thin they are! Cheeseburger for me too!

  3. I am so excited. I've decided that after my recent trip to AZ - I even like the burgers plain...

    how wonderful of a place is it when even just "meat and bun" is wonderfully delicious?

  4. Super excited for you! In N Out is the closest thing to substitute for my beloved Nebraska-only "Runza." Runza truly has the best burgers...but In N Out is a close second. And you really can't beat the prices @ In N Out!

  5. Now that gets a [this is good]!

  6. That's funny. We always go to In and Out when we fly into Arizona or Cali.

  7. It was our tradition to have In-n-Out for dinner on the first night in California when we visited Erin, Marc and Mason. We'd sit outside at those round metal tables and wonder at the blooming flowers in December, while chugging down those great fries. Ahhh, how times change. Marc, Erin and Mason are now living close to us, and soon In-n-Out will be a weekly dinner treat. It will be odd, though, to be downing cheeseburgers while wearing gloves, parkas, hats and Uggs.



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