Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sundance 2009

So I really don't like posting to my blog without pictures. And my camera and I haven't been in the groove lately - so I haven't been taking hardly any pictures. BUT -- I do have a new best friend that is with me 24/7 and I'm finding myself more and more happily surprised by the quality of pictures she takes ... so for this post you get pictures from my iPhone.

Heading to training

Today I started my volunteering at the Sundance Film Festival again. I did it last year and had a good time so I figured I'd do it again. It's only a minimum of 24 hours volunteering over 10 days and you get a free parka and all sorts of other cool perks - so I figured, why not?!

I am working this year at festival headquarters which is just a madhouse. It's located at a hotel, so most people stay there, and it's where the offices are for all the press, the filmmakers, the staff, etc, etc etc.

Check in

So many people

I got my free Kenneth Cole parka today, along with a Nalgene bottle and a free trial lipstick from Lancome. (They are all sponsors). I had my training and met my manager and the other people I'll be working with. I am trying to memorize the film guide tonight, because as an "information liasion" I will be answering peoples questions on everything from the films, how to get tickets (good luck), where to park (even MORE luck), where to grab a bite to eat, and where to hang out after hours.

I'm official

I had to go through a check in line and sign/initial about fifty places and show two forms of ID to get my credentials and free movie tickets ... I have to protect those with my life as I fully intend on using all my insider's edge to get into the premier of this film:

All because he:

is the director and will for sure be at the premier. This is my #1 goal of the festival.

And free swag.

Oh, and to enjoy wonderful Park City and maybe see some cool films.


p.s. I think my super-extended blogging hiatus is over. I think. I have some cool sewing projects I'm involved in that I want to post about soon, so keep a look out for those.


p.p.s. If you want to follow my days at Sundance through my pictures, I'm automatically updating them to Flickr through my phone. Look at the set here.


  1. I know, I was so surprised at the great quality of the iphone pics too when I used Brett's. I can't wait to get mine.

    That movie sounds awesome and you better see "Jim" I love him too, so funny.

  2. So jealous! I can't wait to hear how it goes up there. Good luck w the movie!

  3. Looking forward to all of your celebrity sightings!

  4. So cool! Let us know about all the celebs you site....


  5. What a fun opportunity!

    Can't wait to get to know you through SewConnected3 group!




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