Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sewing update

So I've been meaning to do a sewing post for a long time ... I have really gotten into sewing recently, I guess it was just natural that sewing capes all the time would get the sewing bug going with me causing to want to make more personal things, too. Sewing capes is great and everything, but it's difficult to see all that hard work go mailing out every week and nothing tangible left to show for it! :)

I've started a few quilts, and I made a few handmade gifts for Christmas gifts - like those baby beach balls, and the crayon rolls, and a few other things I can't post yet because they STILL haven't been given to their recipients (yes, I KNOW it's almost February!!) and I really liked making things by hand to give to the most special people in my life. Here is a sneak peek of the quilt I am making for my mom, it's almost done now, this picture was a few weeks ago:

moms quilt

moms quilt

Here is a sneak peek of a quilt I am making for myself -- this is the Thorn In My Side quilt, because I couldn't decide what pattern I wanted to use -- scratch that, I am terrible at following patterns and would much rather just make it up as I went along, so I started cutting squares and piecing them together, which is cool because it looks very random, but it is a pain in the butt to sew together! All those different sized squares (well, there are only 3", 6", and 9" squares) when sewn together, cause all sorts of weird seam allowances and shrinkage. So, this quilt has been put aside for a little bit and will be pulled out again when I can stand to look at it! :)

In progress


Another thing I've done is joined some quilting bees online. Basically there is a group of people that all commit to making one or two blocks a month for someone else. When it is your assigned month (everyone take a turn), you send out a few swatches of fabric to everyone in the group, they make a block for you, and then send it back so you end up getting 16 or 17 blocks made with your fabric that you can then turn into a quilt. It's a fun way to meet a lot of other fun quilters online and get a quilt out of it that is really a collaboration. I've joined these three:

Cottage Quilting Bee

Cottage Quilting bee, hosted by Tina at Little Blue Cottage.

Pieced Together Quilting Bee

Pieced Together Quilting bee, hosted by Katie at See Katie Sew.

Sew Connected 3

Sew Connected 3, hosted by John of Quilt Dad.

My first month out of the three of these is April, I need to get thinking about what fabrics I'm going to send out!!


So speaking of sewing, I've been meaning to post forever about my best friend Darci's new sewing blog, Stitches and Scissors. She started a sewing blog separate from her personal blog because she's been sewing up a storm and is just getting TONS of cool things done.

Look at this adorable little quilt she made for her daughter - I love the red and aqua:

And I love this green and brown one:

She also does embroidery -- look at how cute this little sign is she made for me, I've got it hanging up in my sewing room already, even though it's not framed yet!

I love all her stuff! She is so quick at getting things done and keeps me inspired and encouraged to keep sewing stuff for myself.


  1. Very nice I like them. Where do you get your fabric?

  2. I love the quilts! Especially the orange fabrics, I can't wait to see it done. I actually bought the same fabric you used for your Mom's quilt for the one I'm working on now!

  3. Thanks! You know you have inspired me to do so much too! I really can't wait until you have something tangible for yourself either, the Heather Bailey quilt is going to be gorgeous.

  4. I love all these colors. Inspiring!

  5. The quilt for your Mom is going to be awesome. I love the fabric. So cool that you and Darci share your sewing bug.....I am inspired by her embroidery and have bookmarked her sewing blog.

  6. I could be tempted to give you a million dollars to put a BYU on that blue quilt for your mom.... let me sleep on it for now.... tee hee - do your talents ever cease???? WOW!!

  7. What are the measurements you used for the blue one : )

  8. Pretty quilts! Quilting is something I really want to learn to do...but I'm rather intimidated!

    ~ Sarah

  9. I always felt that way about making slings. I never had anything made for myself. Last Summer I took a break from the business and just sewed for myself!



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