Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mee Maw!

with his meemaw

Today is my mom's birthday and I wanted to tell you just a few reasons why I think she's great. If you know her, you'll know this list is far from complete (feel free to add your own in the comments!)

1. She is unselfish
2. She loves Mason very much
3. She is funny
4. She is smart
5. She always says yes to helping anyone out
6. She is witty
7. She never complains
8. She doesn't take anything too seriously

And some reasons why I know Mason loves her:

1. She always has a treat or present for me
2. She takes me fun places when she babysits me
3. She always reads books with me
4. She plays blocks with me
5. She plays cars with me
6. She watches Pablo with me
7. She tickles my hair
8. She lets me lay on her lap
9. She likes to go to lunch
10. She knows exactly what I like (CARS and books!)

We love you, Mom, happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday Auntie Lane!!!
    We love you too :)

  2. Happy Birthday you really are a great Mee Maw!!

  3. p.s. I love your mom's hair like that! I have only seen it curly.

  4. Such a cute picture.
    Saw you are doing a virtual quilting bee. way I could do that - never made a quilt, don't know how to use sewing machine, etc.

  5. Happy Birthday! We have a Meema too! How fun.

  6. Happy b-day to Mee Maw and what a sweet photo!

  7. And don't forget she doesn't take my SH**!! Gotta love her for that!!:) Happy birthday!!! Love you!!



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