Wednesday, December 17, 2008

handmade gifts

So I actually have been making things other than Superhero capes. Here are a few things I've made as gifts that I can finally post about because they've been given!

for baby Nolan

First, my good friend Autumn had an adorable baby boy -- Nolan. I wanted to make a quilt for him but not use traditional kid colors -- she's not really the pastel baby blue type mom. I found the elephant flannel first and loved it - so got some dark green, light green and dark grey flannel to match.

ready to give.

I didn't use a pattern and just kind of winged it when I made the quilt. I kind of had an image of what I wanted it to look like (pretty plain, a big piece of the elephant material so you could see the cute pattern, kind of off centered) so I just cut pieces and laid them out on the floor until I got it to look like what I wanted.

machine quilted rectangles

I quilted it on my machine just by doing random sized rectangles ... I love how the end result turned out and love how the quilting looks on the back of the quilt. It shrunk up a bunch in the wash and really gave it that crinkly look that I like - but it did make it a little small for a quilt (even a baby quilt) but I think it would make a good play mat, too.

after washing - nice and crinkly

Another thing I made for a cute 1 year old's birthday were these fun fabric balls. I used the great tutorial at The Purl Bee and some fun Heather Bailey fabrics. The best part about these were that you literally can make them from scraps - I just used a couple of pieces I had leftover from when I cut out my quilt (more to come!). They were super easy to make and I did them in about 30 minutes. In fact I liked them so much I ended up keeping the little one for myself to keep in my sewing room as a decoration (sorry Jo-Jo!).

fabric balls for Jo

You can see some new little Plum Pear Apple tags I have for capes now - I added them too the balls to give her something to grab on. Plus, they're just so cute I can't help but want to use them everywhere.

medium and small

with tags

I also participated in an ornament swap hosted by Tiburon. Even though she initially left me out (wink wink Tib!) I got hooked up with a great partner, Kelly. I knew she liked my Superhero capes and so I wanted to make one that kind of looked like a little emblem. Her last name starts with a Z so I put that initial on there so it could be for her whole family.

for kelly

I think it turned out cute and Kelly said she liked it. It was kind of fiddly to make since it was so small and the stitches were tiny - and I tried a new stitch of embroidery I had never done before - but I like the end result. I love ric rack! Just wait until you see the amazing ornaments Kelly picked out for me - I'll post about them in a few days.

I've got a few more gifts in the works but I can't post about them yet - need to wait until they've been recieved. I can't wait until after Christmas when the capes slow down a little bit and I can actually sew some new things with the monster stash of fabric that I am accumulating!


  1. Like I already told you I LOVE the balls. Gwenie is so into them right now and so I might have to make her one (after the holidays). The ornament is really great and creative too, way to go. I love how you are trying all these new things.

  2. I'm in love with that Elephant Blanket!!! LOVE LOVE IT! He's always on it or in it too! :)

    Thanks again!!!! You are so awesome!!!! I prob should take a pic if I don't have on already on him on it so you can add it to your collection! :)

  3. What on earth Erin, you are the trendy sewing queen!!! I got our capes.. all four kids worth and OH MY! They are SO CUTE! You need to go into business for a million different products, and I'll enlist my mom to purchase EVERY one for her beautiful grandchildren! :) Merry Christmas!

  4. You seriously are so creative!! You make me so jealous!!
    Thanks for all the advise...i am going to go tomorrow to look for some fabric for my first project...the squares quilt. It doesn't look too hard to do...once i get the machine down!:)

  5. JO JO loves her ball. So does Addy. I love your logo tag. So professional.

    Your quilt is really cute. Love the stitching on the back.

    Mom is here until Monday. Lets look at our schedules and try to get together soon....

    xo Rika

  6. I am amazed at your TALENT!!! You have such a great eye for design and are so creative! I wanna be like you.....

  7. hmmm, thought I commented already....
    I do so love my ornament. Still can't find my cord, but I think I can just stick my card in lappie at work. I will work on that today so Tib can get us posted.
    Thanks, you're amazing!

  8. Erin, you are SUPER talented! I am so impressed with all the cute things you make!

    I thought of you today as I was wrapping my Christmas presents because I am giving my boys their superhero capes! I am sure they will love them, I can't wait.

    --Jen Roper

  9. That quilt is beautiful. You are so talented!

  10. I love the simplicity of the quilt. It also looks to be flannel, which is a favorite. I always back mine in flannel. Cute on the square quilting. I'll have to try that. Sundance was good?



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