Monday, December 24, 2007


One of the things we miss most about California is all our good friends we have there. Marc and Brett have been friends since high school ... so going on over 10 years. Darci and I became good friends especially when our husbands were so busy with school (law school for Brett and grad school for Marc) - and we saw more of each other when we had our first kids 7 months apart and both became stay-at-home-moms. Darci's parents live in Cedar City and they were going to be traveling there for Christmas, so we decided to drive down the day before Christmas Eve to get to see them and hang out with them for a night. It was so fun and I'm so glad we were able to do it and see them, if only for a short time. Thanks again, Darc, for letting us stay at your parents awesome house!

Gweniveve was all about trying to crawl all over Mason and the first thing she did was pull his hair and send him into a crying fit!

It was impossible to get a picture of these two where they're both even looking at the camera ... let alone smiling! Here they're at least both content, not fighting, and neither one is crying. Mason looks unsure about her starting to invade his toy territory, though!

Hope we get to see you guys again soon!



  1. So true about the kids, they are so cute together though, we miss you guys tons!!!



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