Sunday, December 14, 2008

Doing some things Christmasy

It's been a weird December so far -- we haven't had any snow yet (until today, when we got dumped on!) so it hasn't really seemed like Christmas is coming soon. We finally got a tree (it's up - with lights - no ornaments yet!) and today when we went to IKEA they had a "letters to Santa" paper there that kids could write on. Very quick and easy - and they asked for our address so I'm guessing we might get something back.

Mason's at the age where he doesn't really "get" Santa, but he knows that he brings "presents" and comes in the "chim-i-ney" (and goes over to the fireplace to try and look up it). When I asked him what he wanted from Santa he said:

ABC's (??)
Super Why (a DVD of a kids show)
Cars Racetrack (which I've been instilling in him since we bought him this already)

I wrote out his list and that he was Mason, aged 2, and then he "signed" on the line - he wrote an "M" then an "O" then a bunch of squiggles.

He's so left handed, too.

letter to santa


  1. Oh, he looks so grown-up! What a cutie!

  2. So fun. I am "trying" Santa with Gwenie. I thought I would focus on one word and then maybe it would work. I love the Santa letter idea so fun. Macy's has them too.

  3. p.s. Who is the winner of your giveaway????

  4. Looks like you've been busy. Can you tell me when to expect my capes? :)

  5. Left handed guys are the best! :D

  6. Love it! I will have to make a trip to Ikea soon with the girls so they can write their letters.

    xo Rika

  7. How cute!! He is getting so big!...Time for another one!!



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