Thursday, December 4, 2008

the answer you've all been waiting for (and a giveaway)

Well hello.

So that NaBloPoMo thing pretty much crashed and burned for me now, didn't it? It was hard! Some of my best online friends kept it up for the whole month -- and seriously, they deserve major accolades. Oh well, there is always next year.

So remember this:


Well, I had posted a contest asking you to guess what you thought Mason ate - and I never thought I would get so many awesome guesses - and have such a hard time having someone guess the right thing! I had some great guesses:

ball point pen
shoe polish
dirt from plant
wet dog food
dark soap
coffee grounds
face paint
brownie batter
wet piece of fabric (lol)
black watercolor circle
black jellybean
hot cocoa mix
liquid eye liner
grape jam
dry erase marker
art supplies

But it was Sara who guessed the right thing first (with her first guess) - a CRAYON. It was a black crayon that for some reason he decided to chomp on. It was the most disgusting thing ever -- I was going downstairs to put something in the deep freezer and saw Mason come walking out of his playroom where I knew he had been coloring -- and he was just foaming black at the mouth. I knew immediately what he had eaten but I had no idea it would foam up and froth like that.

I took him upstairs and made him spit into the sink so I could get a better look, and when I saw inside his mouth his teeth were just COVERED with black wax. Ground into every teeny tiny crevice in his little mouth. At that point I knew he wasn't in any immediate danger (hey - this is a perfect example of why Crayola is non-toxic, right!?) so I grabbed the camera.

It took days of brushing his teeth multiple times a day before the black stuff stopped coming out. It was so gross. So - word to the wise - don't let your kid alone with a crayon for any extended amount of time!

So, the prize. I wanted to hand make gifts for my nieces and nephews this year and kept seeing these cute crayon rolls around online. I partly followed the awesome instructions at Skip to My Lou - but I also improvised because I wanted them a different size and a little different dimensions.


They were super easy to make and I think the kids will love them. Sara, I have one for you, too, so email me your address. :)


AND ... if you were cool enough to read all the way to the end of this post ... you have a chance to win one, too! I made another extra one and will give away one more crayon roll - all you have to do is make a comment on this post by Friday, December 12th at noon, MST. You don't even have to work for it this time! Maybe you want it for yourself, or maybe you have a special little person in your life that would like a cool place to keep their crayons. Just make sure you keep a close eye on them so they don't eat them! ;)

2 of them

(One comment per person. I'll use the nifty random integer generator to choose a comment number next Friday and get it to you in the mail the same day. US residents only, please, because I want to try to get it to you by Christmas. The fabric colors of your crayon roll may vary! Make sure your comment has a way I can contact you!)


  1. glad to see you back! i can't believe a crayon did that in his mouth!! i totally thought it was some weird food. crazy! love the crayon holder, super cute gift idea. :)

  2. I read all the way to the end!!! That crayon roll would look super fantastic on the table while my boys color. You inspire me to want to learn how to sew. Except I would never be able to do what you do. So if I don't win, maybe you should SELL those and I'm sure to buy one or two.

  3. Yeah! Love the crayon prize for guessing the crayon eater.

    SOOOO cute. I am sure Addy would love this and Jo would try to be like Mason and eat all the crayons.

    Do you ever sleep Erin?

    See ya soon xo Rika

  4. wow I cant believe a crayon did that.

  5. OH my gosh- why didn't I guess that? We've had much crayon eating around here (but not for a while, thank goodness). The best part is the colorful (or black as the case may be) diaper contents later on!

    Love the crayon roll- so cute!

  6. silly me, i should have known to just hop on over to your blog. totally love it. i'm making these for the kids for christmas. thanks for the link to the instructions.

  7. Hey, I linked over from a friend's blog. I love those rolls they're awesome! And that crayon was pretty gross. Makes me grateful for a girl who doesn't think of doing those things (yet!). I'd love to be entered in your giveaway if you're willing and I'll be adding you to the list of blogs I check!

  8. I never guessed a crayon.
    We have a rule that crayons stay at the table. In full view of mom. At all times. I've learned the hard way. (Colored bunkbeds)

    I love all your products. You must eat, sleep, and drink craft time!
    I'm game for anything free! We're doing home made Christmas as much a possible over here in Michigan.

  9. I think you should send that picture of Mason straight to Crayola's so cute. They might even send you something, or at least acknowledge the fact that their crayons are non-toxic for a reason! And please enter me in your giveaway - I know Andrew Hillary would love one (Right, Gramma Nic? - she's enjoying her birthday with Mickey in Anaheim)

  10. Brett is so sad that he didn't win! The crayon roll turned out really cute. I am still waiting to see your elephant quilt you made for your friend. Giveaway too please!!

  11. Is there no end to your talent-ness?? :) I'm glad it was only a crayon, but.....ew! I didn't realize black crayon could look so disgusting! Also, I love the crayon holder. It turned out so dang cute. I really want to learn how to sew, I've got the sewing bug now. :)

  12. um, yeah, i'd keep this for myself.

  13. A crayon??? Ewww! My kids have eaten those, but NOT the black one. Weird that it would froth.

    I saw the Crayon Rolls on Skip to My Lou (also) and bookmarked the page! I was gonna try to make one for myself...but why not win one instead! They are really cute...perfect for those Coffee MOMS...the ones you should try to make it to! ;)

  14. Hi there! We used to be friends over on livejournal (still are, I guess!) and I got to thinking about what you were up to these days and found you over here. Those crayon holders are adorable! Mason is a cutie, glad to see you are doing good!

  15. Too cute! I'd love one!

  16. found this blog through some link jumping- funny pic. My kids have "beed" from the mouth various colors- usually from Crayola washable markers. :) They tend to daze off and put them in their mouths while they are creating their masterpieces. Love the crayon roll- very cute!

  17. hehe I'll enter my name too! :) So glad we haven't done that yet, Miles isn't the hugest fan of getting his teeth brushed.

  18. yay! i emailed you my address and i can't wait to find it in my mail!

  19. Cute idea! You are amazing you know that? And dang it...i thought my guess was right!:) heehee

  20. Here's my funny crayon story. I took Reagan to her 15 month appointment at her pedi. We go through the exam, get her a flu shot (since she is in daycare), and I'm dressing her. She's throwing a fuss, because she doesn't want to go, and as she throws her head back, I see dark patches on her molars. We are in the room alone, the pedi has retreated off to no-man's land (they always seem to disappear don't they) and I'm freaking out. "OMG! I haven't been a good mom and teeth brusher have I?" rushes through my head on repeat.

    The nurse comes in to give me an updated shot record and I tell her about the spots. She mentions something about finding the doctor, and even though I am adamant about giving her very little juice, I am, in my head, cursing at her daycare for all the blasted juice they give out. Just as I am abou to go into total panic mode, I look over at her Crayola Crayon Toddler Scribblers (the kind that look like little charatcer that they can hold in their whole hand -- I bought them to let her scribble on the exam table paper as we waited), and I notice that the top of the blue crayon is missing.

    Yup, you guessed it, the dark patches on her molars were bits of crayon. I opened the exam room door, and told the nurse we no longer needed the doctor.

    However I did ask her daycare not to give her juice in her sippy so I can be OCD about her juice consumption. LOL!

  21. Erin, you are the most creative girl I know. I love your your crayon holders.

  22. Wow! I can't believe a crayon would do that!!! Amazing. My kids would love the crayon roll. It's sooo cute!

  23. can I eat a blue one for my birthday?

    I've Missed YOU!

  24. I never would have guessed a crayon! My son is the king of crayon eating, I've never seen it like that before! The crayon roll is so great, I 've been struggling to think of gifts to make for the kids this X-mas. What a great gift!

  25. Ewww, I had no idea a crayon would do this......
    Kenzee would love one of these adorable crayon rolls, too cute!
    And this is why you're infamous;-)
    Any ornaments arrive yet?

  26. Those are sooo cute (and I'm not just saying that to get a chance to enter the contest!)! I think that's such a great idea and easier access to each crayon.

    Poor Mason, that crayon looked so gross in his mouth, who knew they could look so gooey!!

  27. Jenn R.
    The Crayon roll is great my niece and Nephew will love them I am going to skip to my lou right now.

  28. I would've never guessed that's what crayons look like post-chomp. Love the roll--hope i win!



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