Thursday, November 13, 2008

A year ago.

Sometimes I just spend hours looking through my old photos of Mason (there are about 10,000 on my external hard drive) and wondering how he is growing up so fast.

Another quick NaBloPoMo post. But I've got a cool post coming tomorrow.


  1. Time goes by so fast, and soon you're looking at the 10,000 pictures you have of your grandchild!

  2. ...and then you look at your Grandma MeMaw's picture from 10,000 years ago and they were just inventing fire and you KNOW that time flies (: Love MeMaws - always Auntie Nic

  3. So cute! Even though you can tell he has grown up so much in the last year, you can still tell he is the same kid. I love that....I love it when they don't change so much you can't recognize them. (I'm hoping that made sense!)

  4. Mason. I want to pinch his cheeks.




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