Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things on Tuesday

I've been really pushing the deadline the past couple of days on these NaBloPoMo posts ... last night it was 11:47 pm and tonight it's 11:53 pm and I'm just starting to write.

I'm pulling an old trick out of my hat for this one -- a few of you will know what I'm talking about -- I present: Things on Tuesdays, Two More Seconds! style.

(General guidelines: post things you love and things you loathe on Tuesdays. make it as serious or as silly as you want. don't let the loathe outnumber the love. list loathe first - that way you leave off on all the lovely things.)

Things I Loathe:

- waking up and making that freezing run from my warm bed to the warm shower
- the fact that Mason's hair is an absolute rats nest in the back when he wakes up
- unanswered emails sitting in my inbox
- being behind on things
- my floors being un-vacummed

Things I Love:

- my slippers
- leave in conditioner
- pens that write with a lot of ink
- the quilt I'm making out of beautiful Heather Bailey fabric
- being blessedly busy
- so much good TV on right now to keep me company while I'm sewing (Heroes, The Office, 30 Rock, The Hills, Chuck, etc.)
- Mason's little toddler language, and the fact that only I can understand 90% of what he says
- the red cups at Starbucks
- snow on the mountains, but not in my driveway
- little boys that dance around so fast that they can't be captured on film.

flying toddler.

Gotta go, it's 11:59 +


  1. Snow in the mountains...where it belongs! Ahhh to be back in California where I have played in the snow one day and played at the beach the next!

  2. I am hating getting out of the warm bed now too. I wake up to it being 65% in the house now. I dash to Gwenie's room because she has a little heater and it is nice and warm in there.

    Can't wait for the 2 of them to CHAT!

  3. I like the idea for your Tuesday post! I might steal it as a regular feature on my blog. (With permission of couse!)

    I love the toddler language too...I am trying to savor Lilly's words...she is our last kid.

  4. I love that fabric where did you get it!



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