Saturday, November 22, 2008


So apparently there is some sort of big game going on in Utah today ... I see a lot of red and blue flags being flown on cars and in my neighborhood ... I am not a football fan and didn't go to either of the schools, so I don't really care who wins either way. I guess I'd have to say my alliegence lays with the RED because most of my family members are Utah fans ... but then again Marc's grandpa has season tickets to the BYU team ... so really, I could go either way. This was too funny to NOT post, though, so if you don't agree with the way it's written ... just substitute your team of choice and your rivals name.

BYU football practice was delayed nearly two hours yesterday after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Head Coach, Bronco Mendenhall, immediately suspended practice while police and federal agents were called to investigate.
After a complete analysis, FBI forensic experts determined the white substance, unknown to the players, was the goal line. Practice was resumed today after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again.
I grabbed this from Tiburon who grabbed it from Melissa ... too funny!


  1. I just don't like college sports, but my whole family is BYU fans as 3 of my siblings & 2 SIL's went there.

  2. Haahaa That was great! I have to show that to Rett!! :)

  3. Hey! If it was the Aggies goal line they'd be snortin' it! GO AGGIES! Was there a game today? Hum - drove right by the stadium - looked like Moses parted the Red Seas!

  4. start singin' Utah Man, guys....

  5. It is so hard for me to choose a side as well. After all, I went to both schools :). I just go with who wins!

    Hope all is well! Mason is as darling as ever!

  6. And it really was the BEST GAME EVER!!!!!!

    WOOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!



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