Saturday, November 1, 2008


A cheeky little monkey ... and friends:

We were invited to a little Halloween party at one of Masons friends' house ... it was so cute ... the kids had a blast dancing around in the backyard. Then we trick-or-treated with his best friends and surprisingly, the kids did pretty good. This year Mase kind of "got it" more .. and quickly realized he just had to stick out his cute little Mickey Pumpkin and someone would dump some candy inside. Fun!

a monkey and friends

He lasted so much longer than we thought he would ... he loved seeing all the Halloween decorations and all the little costumed kids walking around. Our neighborhood gets SO many trick or treaters - the sidewalks were packed.

side view

Such a fun holiday to celebrate with kids!


  1. So cute, your mom got some great shots too. Loved that he had a banana in his pocket.

  2. Love the pics of the gang. Mason was so cute dancing in the monkey costume. Aubrey is still talking about it.

  3. So cute! I'm glad you guys had a fun Halloween!

  4. Your little Mason is so cute!!!! I can't wait until my Mason gets just a little older so he can enjoy the holidays. Your pictures are super cute!

  5. Look at that cute monkey! Love it. Sounds like such a fun time. Your neighborhood is so cool. Our old neighborhood was such a crazy Halloween spot, but this one wasn't so much. Still fun though!



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