Tuesday, November 4, 2008

For posterity.

We are experiencing history being made tonight. Doesn't matter who you voted for - who you like - who you hate - who you trust - who you don't - and what you think is going to happen -- you can now say you lived through a huge point in American history today.

And Mason, I was trying to teach you to say "President Obama" tonight - but you kept jumping up and down on the bed screaming "O-MAMA!! O-MAMA!!".


  1. I love that he was saying O-MAMA. Too funny! What a great picture!

  2. O-Mama. Hee hee. At least he has his priorities straight.


  3. Brett was getting upset last night because everyone was calling him the first black Pres, but really he is a havesie. Half black half white. Brett is now calling him the havesie president. It was cracking me up, even though it is true.

  4. So cute. I had bryn telling everyone obammma is how it came out : )

  5. You are SOOO much nicer than I was. It is pretty cool - he seems to look nice in a suit. (I never got to see the price tag for his wife's costumes - just Sarah Palin's. Mwahahaha

  6. Yea, you were. Check out Nic's blog from yesterday....

  7. I didn't vote for him, but I definitely agree that it is historic that Barack Obama was elected president. I mean, had he not been shot, Marting Luther King may have lived to see this day! One hope I have is that minorities see this and say to themselves, "If he can do that, I can do anything!"

    Just don't raise taxes!

    On a lighter note, the best part of last night was as we were watching the results, my little 2 1/2 year old girl looked at my wife's computer and said, "Tha's Bawak Obama?!" So adorable! It is a fun name to say, especially for a kid, and so we made her said it a few more times.

  8. We watched it last night too, and it was pretty amazing!!



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