Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fav 5

Just a quick round up of a few of my favorite things this week: things that I couldn't live without, things that I'm very lucky to have, and things that just make my life generally nicer and easier.

My vacuum. (Because I HATE to have a crumby floor - and this vacuum makes quick work of all the carpet and tile in our house).

5 guys burgers. (We go here at least twice a week - it's finally something that can help fill the huge hole in my heart that in-n-out left when we moved away from California).

Super Why. (Because it keeps Mason occupied for 20 minutes every morning while I shower.)

My sewing machine. (It's SO fast and SO easy to use. And it has an automatic needle threader! Pretty unnecessary but SO cool!)

My iPod touch. (All the web surfing and emailing on the go - without the pesky voicemail problems and other bugs that the iPhone has).


  1. oh, loves after my own heart.

    I wish I had a dyson (a pink one).

    might need to do 5 guys for dinner tonight.

    and Super Why? Oh my gosh, that show is like magic in our house. Elliott recognizes letters and its starting to take the place of Curious George as a favorite PBS show - thank heavens for that. i can't take much more of that little monkey.

  2. Just saw the head cheese - GROSS. Yuck.

    See ya tonight.


  3. we walked by a 5 Guys in New York on our last day. it looked really good, i was bummed we had just eaten. the line was down the street, must be good!

  4. Looks great!

    Also I am doing my 100th giveaway :)

    Thank you for all your great stuff and visits.

  5. I want a dyson, they are great. Also I will have to try that cartoon to see if Gwenie likes it, she is loving Seseme Street. Brett has never had any problems with his iphone, has marc?

  6. Annie: let's do a 5 guys run one night next week.

    Rika: oh yeah, that conversation was the grossest! then Makayla had to go post a picture! ;)

    Cyndie: I'm still not convinced it's as good as in-n-out, but it's a good substitute.

    Erin: great prize for your giveaway! i'll enter and post it on my blog!

    Darci: Didn't Brett have to take his iPhone into the apple store for service?! Marc hasn't had any major problems (knock on wood) but a lot of people do.

  7. Yum. I love 5 guys. I could seriously eat it every day. April got Griffin's cape today. Of course she totally LOVES it! He tried to wear it on his front. He's obsessed w Super Grover. So I forsee many hours of joyful playtime. He and Aubrey can be "cape pen pals"
    Thanks again for making it.

  8. I had to have them reset it because he downloaded a faulty app.

  9. I love my iPod Touch too! Did you get the new OS than loads games? Good stuff.

    And I thought when I saw the picture that 5-guys sort of looked like in-n-out... :)

  10. wait, what iPhone problems?! I'm thinking of getting one... oh no!

  11. Ohh i like your sewing machine! We need to get together cause i keep seeing all these sewing posts and i am getting pretty antsy to make Rett a quilt! How cool would that be!! Help!!



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