Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Around The Web: giveaways and more.

Giveaways are such a big thing on blogs now. I remember back in the past giveaways and contests were unheard of - who did that? Now it seems like everyone is into it. Big blogs run them with big fantastic prizes and even little blogs have fun things to give away. After all, what's wrong with free? Most of the time you just need to leave a comment to enter. That's easy enough, right? And I've got firsthand experience that sometimes you DO win!

Here's a few giveaways that are going on right now (there are TONS more, but I handpicked these as some of the best ones) - hurry, some are ending soon!

1. Karen's Tips is hosting a giveaway of a cute bib and burpcloth from Cheeky and Swank.

2. Mom Loves Today is giving away a cute and practical blanket called the Zip and Go.

3. Just We Moms is giving away a fun backpack called an EcoZoo bag - these are too cute!

4. Better Home Interiors has a giveaway for a neat wood and plexiglass frame - perfect for a family picture. I really want this!

5. Film in the Fridge is celebrating her 100th post with an awesome giveaway of some potholders, produce bags, darling napkins and fabric scraps. This one is so cool!

6. Another 100th post giveaway! Pecos Blue is giving away a beautiful handmade baby blanket in pretty blues and yellows and 2 more prizes for 2nd and 3rd place.

7. Blogging Basics 101 is giving away an Epson Artisan 800 Printer. Epson recently did a huge PR campaign - sending out lots of these new printers to different blogs to try out and give feedback. There are reviews all over the place of these printers - and the consensus is that they're awesome!

8. Make and Takes is hosting a giveaway of 25 custom holiday cards made by Jerilyn Photography. These are all so cute and she's got so many different options.

9. Accidental Mommies is hosting a giant "Because it's Christmas" Kids and Charity Giveaway with 5 different prize packs.

10. Tip Junkie is doing a 12 Days of Junkie giveaway - with 2 prizes given away every single day for 12 days, all from moms in her MomPrenuer Shop-A-Thon. She's already on Day 7 and already there have been some fantastic prizes! Keep your eye on this one - in the next day or two you might see something a little familiar! ;)


  1. Thanks for the list! I entered a couple.

    Are you ready for Sweet Sadie? I won't be able to make it to Bountiful. I finally got a derm appt. and it is Saturday. So I guess I will just go to Daybreak one.


  2. I am NOT making this up. Addy said "pls. write something now." I said "Who" She answered "Mason."


  3. I have a giveaway going right now too. People are just givin' away the bling! I'm gonna have more over the next month too.

    Thanks for that list!!



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