Monday, October 13, 2008

Mason says ...

Hi ... we went on a road trip to Colorado. Here is my chip:


We went to some dinosaur museums and I got some new toy dinosaurs that say RAWWWRRR.

prehistoric museum


I got to dig in the dirt and uncover the bones just like a real archeologist.

archeologist mason

Those dinosaurs were BIG!


Then we stayed in a cool hotel where this was our view:



Colorado is very pretty! This is what I thought about the giant moose head hanging on the wall of the restaurant we ate at:


It was a bit scary!

Then we went to Colorado National Monument.

national monument

I was very excited to see all the cool canyons and rock formations.

Unfortunately when we went is was very foggy and the views weren't so grand:


After a little while it did clear up so we could look over the edges.


I fell jumping off a rock, and I always say "I'm tough!" ... now this is my new "I'm tough" look. Dad has one too. But mine is better.


On the way home I was really tired and slept most of the way.


Which made me miss out on pretty view like this.

while driving


  1. Love the "I am tough" look. Looks like a great trip. The Dinosaur place looks like so much fun.

  2. Adventure thru the eyes of a 2 year old. Love it.

    Hope you are having fun with the family and enjoyed kindermusik.

    xo Rika and girls

  3. Ohhhh i want to go uncover dinosaur bones! How fun would that be??

  4. You take great pics. I need to take more photos like this of Bryn. Looks like a great trip.

  5. I love that you just took a spontaneous trip. I LOVE all your photos. I want to go to that dinosaur museum. Is that the one in Ogden, by chance?

  6. SUPER cute! Loved it, I wish we all thought like a kid--life would be much simpler (and probably better!)

    K, I was TOTALLY thinking of you when I posted about the baby house at Disneyland. I KNEW you knew about it! Loved that place, I can't get over it.



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